Welcome to Perceptron!

We are a global non-contact vision and metrology company with over 30 years of experience in laser-based technology and applications. Perceptron offers a wide range of specialized inspection and measurement solutions including: dimensional gauging, robot guidance, gap & flush, wheel alignment, robotic scanning and portable scanning.

Our Mission

To be the global leader in applying visualization technology to help customers see and solve their problems.

Our Story

Perceptron® was founded in 1981 by three graduates of GMI (now Kettering University). By working closely with world-class manufacturers, they witnessed the damaging effects of variation on complex assembly processes and came to understand how a process that cannot be measured can never be effectively controlled or optimized. Through pioneering vision and revolutionary engineering efforts they created a unique, innovative solution that not only allowed fast and efficient containment of problems when they occur, but the ability to proactively seek out and reduce process variation on a large scale. The end result was groundbreaking - the first instance of a viable, in-process, 100% measurement solution capable of being deployed in an industrial environment.

Building on that strong foundation, Perceptron has continued to flourish and evolve under the guiding principles of the Five Diamond philosophy: Innovation, Commitment, Integrity, Value and Excellence.  Since 1981, Perceptron has expanded to 14 regional offices across the globe with approximately 230 employees worldwide.

Our dimensional gauging products help reduce variation, improve quality and reduce cost in the manufacturing process. All solutions use Perceptron's powerful proprietary software and reliable sensor platform to create an optimal vision solution for your manufacturing application.

Our Quality Statement

We continuously strive to be the global leader in supplying visualization technology to help our customers see and solve their problems. Our products are reliable, durable and user-friendly in demanding industrial and commercial applications. Our solutions are developed through focused and cooperative teams committed to our customers that embrace innovation, act with the highest integrity, provide outstanding value and consistently deliver excellence.

Perceptron ISO 9001 Perceptron Made In Michigan

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