Automated Manufacturing Solutions

Precision robot guidance solutions that provide high-speed adaptive feedback to ensure mission-critical manufacturing operations are automatically optimized, regardless of process and product variation.

The Perceptron Advantage:

Helix sensors are the only sensors in the world to offer Intelligent Illumination®, a technological breakthrough that allows the user to choose the quantity, density and orientation of the laser lines... on an inspection point level... without ever moving the sensors. Helix sensors provide optimized images which serve as the foundation for over 50 different proprietary 3D measurement algorithms. Utilize non-contact, laser triangulation measurement to compensate for part & process variation in mission-critical automated assembly and manufacturing operations.

Helix sensors also provide expansive measurement volumes to accommodate today’s demanding manufacturing requirements. Successfully support high model mixes and easily incorporate new future models with Helix.

Configure your Helix solution using robot-mounted or stationary sensors - we design the solution around your process.

Why should I automate my processes?

  • Decrease the cost inherent to manual operations.
  • Improve the quality of your assembly processes.
  • Increase the efficiency of materials dispensed.
  • Reduce the costs of required tooling & fixtures.
  • Increase flexibility to add new models.

Deck & Check Capability -
Leverage our world-class dimensional gauging capability and maintain constant control over key customer concerns and quality issues.

Uptime & Disaster Recovery - With our RapidCal disaster recovery procedure, redundant components and industry approved hardware, Automated Manufacturing Solutions set the standard for system uptime and availability.

Eliminate Iteration - Our "Accu-Deck" software and factory rectified sensors provide high accuracy and speed so you can eliminate costly and time consuming measurement iterations.

Hot-Swap Tool Changer - Perceptron can change end-effectors on-the-fly to support a high model mix or multi-tasking robots.

Automated Manufacturing applications include:

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