Perceptron ScanWorks V5 ScannerManual 3D Scanning

ScanWorks® is our manual 3D scanning solution that provides flexible, accurate and user-friendly scanning with advanced point cloud handling software integration support.

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Perceptron ScanWorks xyz ProductCMM Scanning

ScanWorks® xyz is our automated scanning retrofit package that utilizes CMMs to capture 3D point cloud. ScanWorks xyz becomes another probe selection during programming, but delivers over 23,000 points per second. Higher throughput and productivity over traditional touch probe routines and the high data acquisition rate rapidly reduce the time required to scan large parts.

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Automated 3D Scanning

Our automated scanning solution that captures a 3D digital representation of your part. The inspection routine is initiated with the touch of a button by the user and is fully automated from start to finish. Upon completion of the data acquisition and analysis process, the user is automatically presented with a customized report that highlights complex form and surface deviations relative to the CAD model as well as discrete point information for critical features such as edge, holes, slots and studs.

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